Friday, 20 November 2015


The biggest show of my year opens on Saturday 21st with a private viewing and this is a sneak peak of what I will have on offer. Most of these paintings are under 100 square inches and under $100.

I've moved these paintings to the back room of my Daily Paintworks gallery for the duration of the exhibition. However, if there is something here that you love and you're out of town, I can collect and ship it to you. First I will check if it's still available, and of course I will still give a commission to the gallery.

On Saturday at the private showing I will be circulating among the 40 guests answering questions and hopefully helping them purchase some of my work. I'm sure many of my readers will also be attending important openings during the holiday season and below is an excerpt from a recent Artsy Shark Feed post to help you promote your work.


In the marketing world, a key concept is sharing features and benefits to the customer. You may have heard the saying “Sell the sizzle, not the steak.” The benefits are more persuasive than the features, because they address the customer experience, and that’s where your message taps into what they value.

Here are a few examples of features and benefits. Take some time and consider how you would write your own list.
  • Feature: Your handmade clothing is hand washable.
  • Benefit: Your customer doesn’t have to pay for dry cleaning.
  • Feature: Your jewelry is made with tarnish-resistant Argentium silver.
  • Benefit:  Easy maintenance; no need to spend a lot of time polishing silver.
  • Feature: The giclee you are selling comes as a gallery wrap.
  • Benefit: It’s ready to hang! Plus, there are no framing costs.
  • Feature: The piece of work you are selling comes in a protective box.
  • Benefit: The customer can easily pack it in a suitcase, or ship it.
  • Feature: You offer gift cards for the purchase of your work.
  • Benefit: They don’t know what the gift recipient really wants? No problem!
Other benefits don’t have to do with physical convenience. They are emotional.

Will your handmade rocking chair become a family heirloom, handed down to future generations? That’s a powerful benefit to the right customer. Think of the appeal to grandparents on the birth of a first grandchild.

Do the custom portraits you make capture a moment in time, preserving precious family memories? Or memorialize a beloved pet? They are deeply personal, and can easily become a favorite possession.

If your art fits well into a niche market, you have a perfect opportunity to tap right into a cause, hobby, interest or pursuit that your customer values highly. Purchasing your work reflects their own passion. And connecting with a passion is a very good way to gain a new collector.

Does your work evoke an emotional response? Perhaps it is calming and serene. Or, hip and edgy. Or humorous and irresistible. Or maybe it gives flight to their dreams.