Tuesday, 3 February 2015


By Sea Dean

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10" x 10" Canvas Wrap

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One of my best friends died a few years ago and before he did, he wanted to complete one last project. As he was an animator, he chose a moving mandala which opens out as you move into the center. A friend wrote music for it and he produced a DVD.

Not long after completion the cancer took him, but I have fond memories of being crammed into his garden shed surrounded by computer screens and Dugg excitedly sharing how he had progressed. I was told the video was posted on the internet, but I couldn't find it. Contact Tammie to learn more.

So thank you Dugg for the lovely memory.

The most difficult part and the most engrossing was getting those circles exactly right. The slightest wiggle of the brush made a difference, and I can understand why those Tibetan monks spend weeks making mandalas with coloured sand. The painting changes colour with the light because of that bright blue texture and bronze circle. A great piece for a quiet corner.


From Oprah to scientific researchers, it seems like everyone’s getting on the gratitude train.

Sure, amping up your casual “thank yous” is a fine start. But to really reap the rewards, go a little bigger: Put your gratitude in writing. Maybe a text message or an email is all you can commit to — and that’s OK. But the occasional handwritten thank-you note (even if it’s short) carries so much more weight, if only because it means you managed to locate a stamp and someone’s actual address.
Whatever the medium, take a moment once per week to tell someone — whether it’s your spouse or baby-sitter — that you appreciate them. Don’t overthink it: No one’s judging your literary prowess. And don’t be afraid to occasionally direct the note to yourself. Being kind to ourselves is often the first step in showing it to others.

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