Friday, 17 June 2016


by Sea Dean
6" x 8" 140lb Strathmore

"Be decisive. Right or wrong, make a decision. The road of life is paved with flat squirrels that couldn't make a decision." unknown

I saw this quote and it struck home. I checked with Google and it comes in many different wordings, but with the same sentiment. I like it because it's shocking and sticks in the mind. I've had challenges with procrastination in the past, which, when you pick it apart is all due to indecision.

For the last couple of years I've been cramped by indecision over my web presence. Daily Paintworks is a great place for artists that want to paint small, stick to certain subject matter and sell at low prices, but I don't think any of that suits me. I have a hankering to paint large, with lashings of texture, sculptured effects and extravagant amounts of paint which doesn't come cheap. I crave the freedom to experiment and exhibit for patrons that purchase edgy work. There are pockets in the USA and Canada for the Avant Garde, but the real mother-load is Europe.

So my indecision about my internet presence has shaken loose and over the coming months I will move some past work and all my new work to Artfinder. Artfinder juries in their artists and charges commission on sales rather than a monthly fee; I never mind paying galleries and platforms on the basis of sales, it means they are doing their work. For the limited amount of work I have on Artfinder, I've done well and it makes sense to focus there. The works I move over will be re-imaged and priced in Pounds Sterling or Euro depending on whether the UK leaves the EEC.

So what does this mean to my blog? There won't be many changes here, I will still post new paintings, talk about my latest shows and exhibitions, offer tips for artists and explore art history in my "Famous artist' birthday" series. The only change is that bigger and more experimental paintings take longer to paint, so I may post less often.

The re-imaging is also going to take a huge amount of time over the next few months. Once done, I will have wonderful images to use for prints and art cards to market on another platform, as yet in the decision stage.

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