Wednesday, 6 July 2016


by Sea Dean
48" x 24" Deep Gallery Wrap
Can be legitimately purchased by asking in comments. Pay with Paypal

Have you ever been scammed? If not, this is the kind of thing to look out for. Don't be fooled. It's sad that desperate artists who are the worst paid people, fall for these things, but I suppose they do. I don't even think they would have a great success rate for the scammer so it confounds me why they waste their time. 

This is the contact I got through my wix website and I decided to play along to see how it would pan out. In the past I've had strange contacts like this turn into a bone fide sale, so I give them the benefit of the doubt in the beginning. I would be interested in hearing about any scams you've received.

    • Name Chana Cohen
    • Subject Painting Inquiry
    • Message My name is Chana Cohen from Washington DC. I was looking for some artwork online and i found your contact while searching. I will like to purchase some of your work for my wife as a surprise gift for our 20th anniversary.Please kindly send pics and prices of some of your art which are ready for immediate sale within price range $500- $5000, i could be flexible with price. So i will hope to hear a lot more about any available piece in your inventory ready for immediate sale. Thanks and best regards, Chana 202-792-2788
    • Email

     I replied with link to my online shop
"thanks for your response Sea, I have checked on your artworks and i fell in love with the La Vie en Rose II - Exhibition Size 48x24 and I'm sure my wife is going to love it as well. I must tell you I intend to give my wife a surprise with the immediate purchase of the piece, If you'd like to know, I'm relocating to the Philippines soon and our wedding anniversary is fast approaching. So I'm trying to gather some good stuff to make this event a surprise. 

As regarding payment, I would like to inform you, that my wife handles the family credit card/bank and Paypal transaction but i can authorize a check to you for the payment as soon as i have your full name and contact address in the US (preferably for FedEx delivery no P.O box). Also, as soon as you receive the check and it clears your bank, my shipping agent who is also moving my personal effect will contact you to arrange shipping/pick up of the piece from you (this is to avoid my wife receiving it, if been shipped directly to my address which would ruin the surprise for this event). You both have to sign a proof of pick up at the most.

I would have handled this much differently if I'd been at home but i am actually going offshore and won't be back for another couple of weeks, and do not have access to a lot of cash over here to expedite this transaction... trying to kill two birds with a stone. :-)

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