Saturday, 2 July 2016


by Sea Dean
10" x 8" Low Profile Wrap Canvas

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by Sea Dean
6" x 6" Wrap Canvas
Framed as shown
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With all the garden shows in our area it's hard to ignore that this is flower season. I read a blog recently that asked for readers to share their favorite flower. I was quite fascinated to read the answers. I wonder if blogs in other parts of the world would come up with different results. I actually went back and counted all 270 choices and the clear winner was the lucious PEONY chosen 34 times,  followed by the DAISY with 25 (no surprises there) and runner up, a tie between ROSES and SUNFLOWERS. Also popular were POPPY, a favorite of Georgia O' Keefe with 14 votes and HYDRANGEA with 15 votes, both loved by many daily painters.

GIVERNY 1900 by Sea Dean after Claude Monet

 Currently Available at Daily Paintworks

Some surprises were that Claude Monets favorites, IRIS and WATERLILY had only one vote each and they are some of the most famous flower paintings in the world. There were also some unusual one vote flowers to research; the amusing Dutchmans Britches, Maga and Margarita, Psychotria Elata (which apparently looks like lips), Spiked Rampion, Schersmin, Laurina Blossom, Lisianthus and Borage. More surprises came with Gladiolus, Cherry Blossom, Orchid, and Carnation with only one or two votes. And Daffodils only 5 votes and Tulips only 7. Even grouping all types of lily, they still only achieved 9 votes.


My favorite bouquet flower is STARGAZER LILY. They are outrageously beautiful and their perfume is out of this world. I love receiving cut flowers, but so many die or droop quickly, not the proud Stargazer! I also love luscious deep red PEONIES and PETUNIAS because my father planted them and I plan to paint the gorgeous bouquet of silk peonies on my dining table at the moment. In memory of my grandmother, who loved her small garden, there are, HYDRANGEAS and PANSIES. For my sister her name translates as LILY OF THE VALLEY. For my mother SUNFLOWERS AND GERANIUM for garden favorites and GLADIOLI as cut flowers.

More of my favorites are VIOLETS and SNOWDROPS, which stir memories of making posies for my mother, grandmother and teachers when I was a child. And BLUEBELLS, BUTTERCUPS, COWSLIPS, DAISIES, FIREWEED, FOX GLOVES, FRANGIPANI, HOLLYHOCKS, LUPINES, SNAP DRAGONS and STEPHANOTIS all have their special place in my heart.


Currently Available at Daily Paintworks

I think we usually choose certain flowers because they have a special connection, perhaps they were a grandmother's favorite, or it starred in your first bouquet. I've given my choices and now it's your turn. What are your favorite flowers and why? I love to read your comments.

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