Wednesday, 7 September 2016


by Sea Dean
8" x 10" Birch Cradle
On Exhibit at Skyway Kelowna Airport

I see the tip of this mountain from my windows, but walk half a block to the amazing local park and I see it in all it's glory. I particularly like taking that walk around sunset. The top of the mountain is covered in trees, but the lower portion was grazed out a hundred years ago by cattlemen provisioning the gold rush. These grasslands are yellow ocher, but at sunset they glow with orange, pink and red.

This mountain is locally called Black Mountain, but on the maps you will see it called Black Knight Mountain. This is thought to be the fanciful creation of a map maker whose name is lost in history, perhaps trying to make the mountain sound more romantic. We also have a Sleeping Beauty moniker for a local range, so perhaps he had been reading too many romantic tales.

When you drive into the Okanagan Valley from Vancouver this mountain dominates the view as you cross Okanagan Lake via the Bennet Bridge. It is a well known landmark.

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