Friday, 30 September 2016


Some of these paintings I completed in advance because Leslie Saeta encourages the participants to get a head start. I knew that September was a fully packed month, with learning new technology and family visits, although I didn't anticipate quite how overwhelming it was all going to be, so I'm glad I was prepared.

I've participated in every 30 in 30 challenge so far, I think we're up to eight now and I've managed 30 paintings each time, of which I'm very proud. I've also met several challenges within the challenge, like learning to paint small in January 2013, focusing on abstract in 2015 and focusing on watercolor last January. This time I didn't have a goal with the challenge because I had so much going on that it would be a miracle if I just kept step.

Most of the first 16 paintings above are for Skyway at Kelowna Airport departure lounge. The ACEO are targeted for the "Feature Artist" wall starting this weekend at Lake Country Art Gallery Art Shop, then those still available will move on to Ritchcraft, my local gallery in the Kelowna Mission. The digital paintings served to test the capabilities of the "Notes" draw tool on my Ipad and also to free my sense of line and lightheartedness, but they are also really lovely, and I can't wait to print some.

Once again I'm very glad I took part in the 30 day challenge because it kept me on track and helped me accomplish necessary work; without a goal I would have given in to overwhelm.

(You will probably notice that one painting is in both collages, so I actually created 31 for the challenge not 32.)

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