Sunday, 1 September 2019

DUCK DELIGHT - Day 2 - 30 in 30 Challenge

Western Canada and specifically B.C. is a tourist mecca. Back in the 50’s entrepreneurs started to realize that tourist attractions were big business and creative people set up adventure parks throughout the province. Often these parks were decorated with gaudy 50’s style signs which had a tendency to use larger than life representations of wildlife, fruit and local heritage symbols. They are disappearing fast, but I snapped this one near Hope B.C.

There is something charming and innocent about these signs and I think they should have preservation orders placed on them. I tried to show just how big this sign was by photographing close up from below and framing with trees. As a rough estimate. I would say the duckling is at least 10 ft tall and the whole sign at least 30 ft.

I can remember when Hope was a tiny backwater of a village with mainly wooden, fading buildings and a roadside cafe. It’s main attraction was being able to pull over, down some soup in the all night cafe and rest up from the hair raising and difficult Trans Canada Frazer River route. Now it’s a bedroom community for Vancouver 100 miles away and the new Coquihalla Highway makes it so much easier to get to the Okanagan from the lower mainland.

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