Wednesday, 29 April 2020

The Luxury of time

NEVER BLUE by Sea Dean 6” x 6” Canvas
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One of the things I keep reading and hearing about this enforced isolation, is how much people are enjoying the time off. Sure, it’s difficult to be stuck inside and there are mental challenges whether you are single and completely alone like me, or cooped up with your loved ones.

But, back to the positive ....
These are some of the comments I’ve been hearing about the pluses of lockdown

Time to think
Time with family and loved ones
Home cooked meals
Catching up on the list
Fresher air
Less noise pollution
Learning to grow organic food
Learning to bake bread
Less advertising (emails)
Letting go of the unimportant
Finding joy in small things

For the past 50 years or so, time has been a real luxury. The world has been moving at a faster and faster pace as people try to get ahead and gain advantage over the competition. In February/March 2020, as the world ground to a halt, people collectively experienced an “aha” moment. I think it will cause many to reassess and head in a different direction.

With retirement looming in mid year, I had already started to make plans for a change of lifestyle. It remains to be seen if it will all be available when the dust settles. First Brexit came along and messed with my retirement dreams and now this. Some things I’m managing to act on a bit earlier than I planned, like my victory garden. Others have been put on hold indefinitely.

I’ve been trying to grasp what the effect of Covid19 has had on my life and just now it came into focus; it’s like watching a train wreck in slow motion. Very, very slow motion, because the carriages haven't yet come to rest and they wont for a very long time. At least I now have the time to enjoy watching the transition.

Oh well! Onwards and upwards.

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