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TAPESTRY I - 30 Paintings in 30 Days ART PARTY - Day 26

TAPESTRY I by Sea Dean

By Sea Dean

8" x 8" Wrap Canvas
Purple Jasperware I (underpainting)
Tapesty before drying and touch up

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I completed the purple, blue and white painting and left it to dry overnight. When I checked the liquid acrylic dots had dried much darker and the painting looked like it had measles. I contemplated changing the background but I wasn't fond of the structured look either, so in the spirit of my 30 day challenge, I decided to experiment.

The main painting is the result and I like it much more than yesterday. The raised molding paste created a barrier, so when I poured the liquied acrylic the channels mimicked cloisonne. The thumbnail shows the painting wet in warm light and the main painting was imaged in daylight when it was dry.

I'm going to coat it with a different type of varnish called GAMVAR PICTUE VARNISH which I'm told by one of my mentors, does a beautiful job of enhancing darkened acrylic colour. It would be nice to bring it back to the glowing jewel tones of the wet version.

Which version do you like best?

30 PAINTINGS IN 30 DAYS - Day 26


As a special gift to fellow artists I am allowing you to post on my blog during the 30 in 30 Challenge. I'm using the same type of system as Leslie Saeta, so if you're participating it will be easy. Please post  with YOUR NAME ONLY (not the painting's name or your business name) and a link to your web presence. 

Posting ends at midnight each day and voting begins. Voting is open on all the previous days blogs from January 1st until January 31st. Three votes for each person every day. Voting opens when posting closes and continues till 31st January 2015. At close of voting the three most popular paintings rise to the top and remain there forever.

All I ask in return is to spread the word to other artists and offer your buddies a chance to win prizes. If you blog, link to your entry on it. Share to Twitter, FB, Pinterest etc. with an easy hover and click on the thumbnail. To visit the artist and tell them how much you love their work click on their thumbnail.

Prizes given to the most active artists and voters that participate throughout the month. Posts, Votes, Comments, Shares etc. There are many prizes. A newcomer can still be a winner. To make it fair for late comers, a prize will be awarded for the highest vote count on one painting during the whole party. So invite all your supporters to visit and click on all the VOTE links below.

It's going to take me a while to tally so I'm announcing the winners about a week after votes close on January 31st. Click here to see some of the prizes available ... more will be added. Top winners pick first and so on till all the prizes have been awarded.
On Review there is no clear winner yet. Many days show a draw between two or three artists.  A few votes will really count, so make sure you vote each day using the links below. Vote for your favourite artist and then use your other two votes to select from all the other hard working artists.

Current leaders are, Beverly Shipko - Chey Anne Sexton - Cindy Gillett - Connie Cagley - Corinna Woodard - Donna Munsch - Ginnie Conaway - Marion Hedger - Nancy Romanovsky - Pam Schoessow - Sea Dean - Sheila Delgado - Susan Herbst - Val van der Poel and Wendy Mould.

Good Luck everyone.
Thank you for visiting my blog 

P.S.  For your best chance to win, post your painting on the current day and vote on all the previous blogs from January 1st. You have 3 votes each day and voting is open on each day till January 31st. To vote click on the grey heart on the painting you like. It will turn red and tell you how many votes you have left.

If you're lost click on each of these links.

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