Wednesday, 27 July 2016


A good cyber friend, Sheila Delgado introduced me to She designs some wonderful patterns. Here is her blog.

The 50 Most Popular Fabric Patterns Across the U.S.

This Spoonflower article caught my eye and I can't resist a little bit of analysis. Don't let the fabrics they've shown in the map fool you, there are some wonderful creative fabrics in the selection and it doesn't show any of them: I wish it did! I would love to see a collage with each state and it's most popular fabric. It may give clues to how the election will turn out.

As a multi media artist with a love of pattern and textiles, this could be important information. Perhaps a collage using each pattern and named after each state would interest buyers in those areas? I'm also looking for fabric for cushion covers to match my new carpet, I had fun looking through all 50 states and choosing my favourites. My top choice is the lovely stained glass type fabric below, chosen by Washington DC shoppers. It reminds me of Notre Dame in Paris.

I'm not a shark fanatic, but I love Hawaii's choice. 

I noticed that most of the state choices are either predominantly blue or very neutral; warm colours are not popular. Quite a few states show animals (no surprise there) and first nation themes like arrows. 

New York makes a lot of sense for a city full of analysts and reminds me of Woody Allen and Andy Warhol.

All my favorites show a strong desire for regularity and balance. All have very strong patterns and straight lines. Most are strongly blue or cool and neutral. I would say it reflects that I crave a more calm, balanced and organized life. Blue is known to be very relaxing.

What do your favorites say about you? Please leave a note in comments.

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