Sunday, 24 July 2016


Yup I know I've missed a few postings lately. I will get back to painting soon, but I've been totally absorbed with all kinds of other projects. Some projects are personal, like redecorating and searching for a different vehicle. Others are art related but not painting.

Recently I came across a huge box of colorful acrylic cabinet handles on the internet. I just couldn't resist and the seller very kindly gave them to me at half price because I explained they were for art projects. Below is an early version of a piece I am creating for exhibition. I love it but I'm curious how people will react. This is probably something that will go down better in the European or New York market.

WARHOL MEETS MONROE - Work in Progress

Recently one of my sculptures was accepted for a public installation (diagram below). The piece is for a small sculpture park on the main North/South Highway next to a small mall. I've put together a team of guys with muscles and machines to help me with welding, manipulating the metal and lifting. I'm very excited, and the planning took a lot of time, but currently I'm involved in contractual discussions, so the work is on hold.

Looking for a vehicle is something I only get involved in every 10 years or so and I've always had a man to help, but this time I'm on my own. It's a bit of a rat's nest. If you buy privately you save 12% tax, but then you really have to do your research and trust a stranger's word. Some dealerships are great but others should be avoided at all costs, especially if you are a female, which ones are which is a matter of dispute. I'll be glad when it's all over and I can have fun driving, camping and using my vehicle rather than plodding around screaming hot or soaking wet car lots. 

Criteria - automatic - low gas consumption - flat cargo space for paintings and camping - probably 4 cylinder - no unnecessary expense (SUVs, winter tires, fripperies I won't use) - not high off ground or difficult to climb into - hopefully a cheerful red, orange, purple or gold colour. Oh and sporty.

The decorating is going slooooooow ... but looking good. I had a carpenter a few weeks ago and I wasn't overly happy with the way the sliding mirror doors were fitted, so I purchased a bifold mirror door for the other cupboard and spent all day doing it myself. I basically had to pull the whole frame apart and redo because of a silly reno some time in the 90's. Now I LOVE IT! And I'm very proud of myself. The plumber is coming next week for repairs and to quote on a new shower. YAY! I have the paint for the cupboards and various pieces of furniture, it's just finding the time. I also have several pieces of furniture to refinish for resale to help fund the rest, they should really get priority.


One of the projects I most want to get to is a large set of paintings for over the sofa. I have it all planned and now I'm deciding on canvas size. I found an absolutely gorgeous Persian carpet on the internet, which was my birthday gift to myself and the color of the paintings will be hiqhly influenced by the colors in the carpet. Can't wait to pick up a great big brush and a huge palette knife and go for it. Of course I will share the work when I'm done.

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