Monday, 13 May 2019

DIY Air Cooler

In our area we went from a very cool and windy spring around 10 centigrade, to 30 centigrade in one day. Tonight its cooler and blustery, but on that hot day I thought I’d better take the central air con in our summer home for a test drive. Phew! It worked and cooled down the place in 10 minutes.

However, I haven’t always been that lucky and it pays to know a trick or two in case of breakdowns. Last year I saw this tip on Pinterest

I’ve been mainly cooling in the past few years with what we up here call swamp coolers, but their generic name is air cooler. I love them because we live in a desert climate and so it’s very dry; air coolers work by evaporation and therefore put humidity into the air. Bonus! Air conditioning is very bad for complexions, but air coolers make you look younger. Not only that, they are cheap to run and you leave doors and windows open so you’re not sealed up in recirculated unhealthy air. And if you use acrylics, you’ll love that they don’t dry as fast in an air cooled environment as they do with air conditioning.

Give it a try. You’ll love it.

Still plotting some natural abstract paintings, although I have to admit that I’m mesmerised by the real natural abstracts presented here by the moment.


  1. Lovely view Sea. I had a friend who used an air cooler in her house, they are wonderful ;) In Phoenix, they use misters everywhere. Restaurants have them outside, so people can eat outdoors and not fry in the heat. They are also installed for patios, so you can enjoy your backyard during the summer. ;)

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