Wednesday, 15 January 2020

Trending Decor 2020

SMOOTH by Sea Dean

Avid followers will know that every year I explore home decor colour trends in an effort to create art that fits with popular themes. This year I’ve been pleased to see that designers are veering away from grey and moving towards warmer and more earthy tones.

A NEST FOR TWO by Sea Dean

As for themes, Paris and Antlers are out, but refinished furniture and rustic is still in, although with a softer more textured and less “in your face” look. This suits me perfectly as I still have a mega hoard of interesting pieces ready to refinish. Farmhouse lettering is a bit passé, but well loved country is still popular.

BIRCHES by Sea Dean

More radical trenders will include deep earthy terra cottas and rich browns and golds, but the general look will be warm taupe, beiges, creams, etc. And being a Scandinavian design lover I’m pleased to see very light wood back in style. Also matte black (not shiny and not espresso) is making a come back.
SPARK found item assemblage by Sea Dean

Along with a rich matte look many designers are adding plenty of clear and white glass, skylights, bold accent lighting, sheepskin, homespun fabrics and linen. Leather is perennially popular, but it is definitely moving towards light beiges, taupes, creams and ivories. A nice luscious chunky throw finishes the look.

And is it silver, gold, platinum, oak or black hardware? It seems anything goes, but the look is softer brushed, textured, natural, matte and unfinished lighter wood.

I found this article from a local designer and its spot on.

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