Friday, 15 May 2020

New Mask Collections - and how!

Even Oscar has to help in the family business
I couldn't believe how long it has been since I posted. Sorry!

You will recall that back in April I set up some of my designs to print on face masks made in the USA. I had little idea that this would send me into a complex world of controversy and sewing circles. I have been totally transfixed, if you were amazed by the toilet paper rush, you’ve seen nothing compared to the 100% cotton and elastic war.

In Stock - COOPER COLLECTION - Regular Quilting Fabric, shaped and folded styles $10 Can

My first foray was to find a printer in Canada to either put my designs on ready made masks, or print my designs on fabric which I could have made into masks locally. I wanted to find a local printer or at least in Western Canada to ease the shipping nightmare. I finally found one. 250 miles away, but their customer service was so slow I almost grew a beard waiting (yes I’m female).

Next I looked for a local maker who would sew my fabric. I found a few and one in particular who, like me, doesn't qualify for any of these Covid assistance programs and is happy to take piecework. She helped produce style samples and the Cooper Collection above. They are double layer and come with full head white elastic, white sewing. (The pic shows different elastic).

The lead time on printing my own fabric in insane, so next! The sewers all want to use quilting fabric to cut multi layers with a rotary cutter. Quilting fabric is a standard width and fairly standard thread count, which makes it easy for them. However I’m not sure how many people want to wear home decor prints on their face, especially those of the male persuasion. Solids, especially black, white, grey, blue and beige etc. are sold out everywhere or sell as soon as they are posted online. So I entered the fabric and notion war.

I found both old and new suppliers, mostly 5,000 miles away across Canada. I decided niches, organic, wildlife, fruit, wine, brights, first nation, designer abstract and natural moisture wicking. I ordered, with lead times up to 6 weeks.

So now I wait.........

In the meantime I went through my stash and discovered many beautiful natural fabrics and I’m in the process of having them made up into masks. So, like Damien Hurst, I am in artistic production with a stream of collections.

First up some regular 100% cotton samples for $10 (above). For my USA friends thats about $7 and I can ship fast in an envelope, so shouldn't take too long.

Next up some exclusive 100% cotton designer fabric masks (below). A Sea Dean with black elastic and sewing for a bit of class. They come with matching ear savers.

ELIZABETH COLLECTION - 100% cotton shaped only with matching ear savers $25 Can
I will be setting up an online shop, but currently contact me here if you would like any of these.


  1. Awesome work Sea! Keeping busy here too. I need to get a post out today. WOW, it's been almost 10 days since the last one. Time is flying by.
    Happy sales to you, tty soon :)

  2. Because of the Covid-19 Epedemic, it has been reccomended that anybody going out ought to be wearing a custom face Mask.


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