Sunday, 8 November 2020

September catch up

I realised yesterday that I never completed my posts for the September 30 day Creative Gathering. I was posting every day on Facebook and neglected to blog. This time around I worked on a mixed bag of masks, furniture makeovers, photography and iPad drawing. I suppose that is very reflective of my work at the moment. 

The first 12 days

The second 12 days

The whole 30 days (one somehow managed to get in twice)

As usual it was lovely to gather and share. Most of us completed far more work than we would otherwise. Shiela Delgado kept us on track with regular inspiration and the artists created an amazing selection of art.

Thanks to all.

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  1. Great to revisit them all again Sea. Exciting to think how close we are to the next round. LOL. :) Your eclectic mix made for daily surprises and fun. See you soon Sea :) xoxox Thanks for the mention. :o)


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