Friday, 7 February 2020

DAY 8 of 30 - GOLDEN CIRCLE Work in Progress

Work in progress

I’m still adding to this painting, but it’s very close to being done now.

The poor rabbit on the bottom left has been about five colors already and I’m still not sure he will stay beige. I’ve moved the copper wire tree to emphasize the black shadow, which was part of my original vision. The compositional balance is better now. I found another bluebird appliqué and added a mushroom which grounds the energy a bit. I also added more outline to the appliques.

This work is such a departure for me, so light, pretty and fey. Every applied piece is picked out in interference paint which changes color subtlety as you walk by, so it catches your eye.

I’m resisting the urge to paint very light blue sky in the background. What do you think?

30DCG2020 - ODP


  1. Did you try the bunny in Gold? Like the goose that laid the golden egg? LOL :) I love the touches of blue, because they pop. Not sure if the same will be true with blue sky. But you could paint the birds white if you do. I think the bunny is too light. Or maybe it should be white with soft outlines. White bunnies are magical aren't they? Like this piece :) Glad you are having fun Sea :)


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