Tuesday, 21 April 2020


From and image taken of the Gallery Manager and volunteers at Lake Country Art Gallery. The first is a highly modified but totally digital version created with apps. The second image is a digital drawing from scratch, created with no underlying digital photo. The first one can be created by anyone with knowledge of the apps and is more of a craft, the second requires an artist’s eye and drawing skills and therefore qualifies as fine art. It is interesting that neither of these would be saleable on Daily Paintworks because they have a ban on digital art, a decision I think they need to revisit.

PETRINA by Sea Dean

SHARON by Sea Dean

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  1. Wow, that is interesting Sea. There is an abundance of digital art that can be classified as true Fine Art. As with your piece here. The tools are different. But the decision making, the style, the knowledge of technique and tools. All equal to Fine art pieces.


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