Monday, 21 January 2013


Day 21 - 30 in 30

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I used to drive to Arizona every winter and spend a few weeks in the desert. I love desert light and the long empty roads with spectacular visitas. 

When T. E. Lawrence (Lawrence of Arabia) was asked why he liked the desert, he said "It's clean!" I wonder if he was referring to the lack of dirt in the desert or the lack of pollution? Or perhaps it was the clean, clear light which he reveled in. Lawrence was born in England and lived in wet, grey, London before launching his desert campaign so he left behind the "Pea Souper" fogs partly caused by industrialization. I can imagine the clear desert light was a wonderful change for him and I feel the same way in the southern U.S.

Recently I've enjoyed some lovely desert scenes like Léon Belly (1827-1877) "Pilgrims going to Mecca" in Paris, Musée d'Orsay. This William Turner "Old London Bridge" shows the different light in London. If you open up each in a window and place them together you will see the startling difference particularly in shadows and sky.

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Tip: Think about the quality of the air before you paint. Are distant objects clear or indistinct? Is the air clear, foggy, or polluted? Air quality influences your palette and edges.

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