Wednesday, 18 April 2018

Traveling Chicken and her Pals

I have had the pleasure of hosting the traveling chicken and her entourage a couple of times and I continue to follow her adventures as she flutters from artist to artist to have her portrait painted. I’ve been spending a little time on my Pinterest boards and today I caught up on TCs domain. On checking that all was up to date and in order, I discovered that there are almost as many paintings of TCs entourage as there are of her and I decided to give them a separate section as well as introduce everyone to you.

You’ve seen Ms TC of course, here enjoying a cooling bath in some Okanagan sparkling wine. The painting is still available here.

Then there is her most regular companion, Snr Gallo Azul (Mr Blue), who secretly has a bit of a thing for TC. Azul first appeared in the 12th portrait painted by artist Carole Marine on 24 Sept 2012, but he had been seen earlier in images.

Another frequent companion is Momma Chicken (Mrs White) with her brood who never seem to grow any bigger. Mom is actually Ms Chickens mother who came to lend her support when TC was broken by UPS. Mom is usually an observer and doesnt get involved in some of the more crazy antics of Azul. Mom is very quiet, preferring to watch her family and although she appears in a blog photograph in May 2012, she doesnt have her portrait painted until May 2013. I think she must be shy.

You can see my Pinterest Traveling Chicken Board and the sub section on her pals by clicking on the Pinterest link on the side of this blog or search for seadeanartist in Pinterest.

If you would like to host Ms. Chicken and her entourage, the only requiements are putting your name on the list and agreeing to paint her portrait, then mail her traveling box on to the next in line. You can read the entire blog and sign up here.

Sunday, 15 April 2018


Every now and then an artist has to step back from their regular techniques and play a little. One of my favorite apps for fun is RECOLOR. There are a few free patterns and quite a lot of free colors and finishing techniques, so you can really get an idea of how different colors work together and how they would look on paper, canvas, wood, texture etc. There is even a conversion to pencil, acrylic, aquarelle (watercolor), marker and some new smeary and smudgy ones for ink lovers.

I colored one of their designs and then tried various finishes. It was a fun hour.

I dont know if this video will play in Blogger, but this is the pool effect which is very soothing for a screen saver.

Thursday, 12 April 2018

Blog Hopping #LYA2018

Today is the big day when blog readers worldwide can hop around and see the completely unique artists that participated in “Liberate your Art” 2018. Click on Kat’s link below to see the stats for this year, the video and more .....

I’ve been very distracted this year with renos, a move and getting my condo ready to sell, nevertheless, I’m reserving time today to enjoy the blog hop and allow myself to be impressed by the variety and creativity this event attracts.

I just haven’t had the time or the headspace to side swap this year, but my Art Cards, postcards and prints are always available at my shop

There are many links to my online art sales on this blog, but you can also click


Find out how to participate in Liberate your Art 2019

Wow! just watched the video on Kat’s link and the art this yeat is amazing. My contribution is at 3:03 I almost thought I’d forgotten to mail it in as I’m usually close to the beginning. Remember to scroll to the bottom of Kat’s blog and enjoy the blog hop links. Oh and purchase a commemorative poster to help offset Kat’s costs; it’s gorgeous this year.