Saturday, 24 February 2018

Western Expanse - Bob Ross in Acrylic S E #30in30 - 25

There are many series of Bobs painting show, but for this challenge I chose the first three, intending to eventually do them all.

After viewing a few random episodes, I discovered that in the beginning he was painting Alaskan scenes inspired by where he lived, but later he received many requests for different types of land and seascape. He also began to travel and be inspired by oceans, marshes, deserts etc.

Having lived in the Pacific Northwest most of my life, I’ve seen enough conifers and snow capped mountains and I find myself more inspired by Bobs later series. For this painting I chose an episode with a more distant view of mountains. In this video Bob painted mainly with a flat palette knife. Golden Open acrylic paints flow more than Regular heavy body paint, so it is challenging to do a whole wet in wet painting with a palette knife; the paint can get very deep and sloppy.

The painting was finished just before this blog needed to go out, so I photographed it wet. I’m looking forward to seeing how it dries. Golden Open is generally more glossy than regular acrylics, so it should look similar.

Bob Ross Season 6 Episode 11 - Western Expanse 

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Friday, 23 February 2018

Mountain Waterfall - Bob Ross in Acrylic S2 E12 #30in30 - 24

Today, I began painting with Bob, but quickly started to struggle with his Alizarin Crimson in the sky. I wanted to see how he created the waterfall so I kept going. I changed the sky, smoothed out Bobs pointy Alaskan mountains and changed his centralised composition, but I feel it’s still a work in progress. Parts will stay, but it needs a few more tweaks. Bob himself says it’s a good practice painting. As you can see below, my paintings are totally different to Bob’s finished pieces, but it’s not my intention to copy.

Mountain Waterfall took me far longer than I would like and I was in danger of over working it, so it was time to stop and ponder.

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Thursday, 22 February 2018

Orchard with a view - Bob Ross in Acrylic #30in30 - 23

I didn't paint along with Bob on this one, but I did use some of his techniques. Painting with Bob has made me highly aware of tonal value. He also likes to lead the viwer into the painting, which here is accomplished with the use of subtle changes in grass color. The grass technique is purely Bob and his fan brush.

When I posted this I started to see all kinds of animals, fairies and angels emerging from the leaves,  rabbits, ducks, a moose or horse, a dog, birds etc. What do you see?

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