Tuesday, 5 June 2018

Bye Bye Sweet Little Studio

I’ve sold the condo, the subjects were lifted, so its bye bye to my sweet little studio that has been my refuge for several years. I will miss it.

By the time you read this everything will be boxed and on its way to my new larger space. I will have two studios in my new home, one a little larger than this and a shared space much larger, so I can create mega works. I also have a large covered and shady balcony which will be great for spring and fall plein air, sanding and spraying, but it may be too warm for mid summer. I’m already planning a series of my leafy view through the seasons.

Sunday, 27 May 2018

Long time no see

WILDFLOWER LAKE by Sea Dean - various sizes and finishes

Sorry I’ve been a stranger. I can’t believe its been so long since I posted, but all I can give as an excuse is that sometimes you need to focus on yourself. That’s not to say I haven’t been busy wih art, it’s just a different kind of busy, largely on the thinking and planning side of things.

This is my year for clean up and completion and I’ve been very focused on that. Still lots to do, but I’m pleased I’m making progress. I’m one of those people who always puts family and friends before my own needs, but this year I’m shifting focus to deal with all the personal stuff I never seem to get around to.

I purchased a condo in January and launched into the reno from hell. I’m still working that through, Still no cupboard doors or in home studio. Stuff scattered between two condos, two partial studios and four storage areas. Ug! I am however, starting to see the light.

So to update on the art front, my work has been accepted again at G97 Gallery in Peachland, BC, Canada. I’m prepping several new pieces and some old friends for delivery on Tuesday. The season opening is next weekend. I’m still working with Ritchcraft Gallery in Kelowna, BC and my Art Cards are available at Kelowna Art Gallery, Lake Country Coffee House, G97 and of course online. I’m in negotiations with two new venues, which I’m very excited about, but more on that later.

For my online presence I’m phasing out Daily Paintworks and new art will appear on Artfinder. Artfinder seems to be a very progressive online gallery and I like their format. I also plan to re-organise and upgrade my personal web presence later this year, probably in time for the holidays.

After the G97 opening on June 3rd I’m taking a month off for some much needed R & R. I will be back in mid July, rested, with a fresh outlook and loads of new images and art.

Tuesday, 8 May 2018

Opus Outdoor Painting Challenge #OPUSOPC

This weekend I set aside Sunday to take part in the Opus Outdoor Painting Challenge. I think this is the third or fourth time I’ve taken part, but this year they gave away the prizes in a draw rather than having a judged competition. With the pressure off I enjoyed it far more.

I wasnt sure what I was going to paint. I got there early and wandered around looking for inspiration. I walked along the lake and through Kasogi Gardens which was already packed with plein air artists. At the entrance to the gardens I had paused beside a beautiful display of tulips and that called me back to sit in the shade and enjoy a peaceful couple of hours.

My name wasnt drawn, which is sad because many fabulous artist quality prizes went to little kids that wouldnt understand how to use them. I was coveting a light box. Oh well, theres always next year.