Saturday, 20 April 2019

Golden Circle

GOLDEN CIRCLE 24” x 24” Deep Gallery Wrap

Another piece which has been on the burner for a while. Simplicity itself in pure white and gold. Lighting and shadow make the image look off white, but it is all iridescent white, gel and modelling paste background, Bronze/gold painted deep wrap edge and gold metallic leafed sun disc. A stunning edition to any decor.

Friday, 19 April 2019

Ocean Breeze II

I’ve always liked the first version of Ocean Breeze, but when I took it out to prepare for my solo I thought the purple was a bit overwhelming for the rest of the collection. I lightened some of the intensity and then added some softer touches all over including some silver. Now it matches a couple of other new paintings for a nice grouping in one section of the coffee house.

I may also go in and lighten the Ultramarine at the top with Light Violet Blue if I have time before Saturday.

Yup, I did!

Thursday, 18 April 2019

The Simple Life

Since I first came across a Mark Rothko I’ve wanted to give this a go. Color Blocking was made famous by Piet Mondrian, whose distinctive squared paintings with black lines became fashionable patterns for clothing in the early 60’s. Later, American Mark Rothko started to produce large scale works exploring relationships between colors.

There are two color schemes that fascinate me, orange/shocking pink and ultra blue/lime. I hope to gave time to add the second as well.

Although Mark Rothkos work looks very simple, getting just the right colors and putting the paint on canvas with panache and without any distracting brushstrokes is quite a challenge. I now have a greater admiration for the master abstract technicians that have paved the way before us. THE SIMPLE LIFE is a tongue in cheek title for this challenging art work.  Mark Rothko favored the orientation at the top, but I think I prefer the one below. and yes, I did add a stripe of blue/red Pebeo iridescent paint for zing.