Saturday, 1 November 2014


I spent the day with Claude Monet while teaching my "Paint a Masterpiece" class. I will show my demo on tomorrow's blog, meanwhile I thought it a good time to share a study I completed earlier in the year but never posted. 


In the early spring of 1893 and again in 1894, Claude Monet rented a room overlooking the entrance of Rouen Cathedral and spent many hours painting 30 canvases intended for exhibit in Paris. 

In the spring I read a great blog by Cindy Michaud, MEETING MONET, which linked to a cute slide show of 10 paintings by Claude Monet of Rouen Cathedral arranged according to time of day. Why stop at 10, I thought? So I set to finding the 30 paintings and arranging them in order. Arranging the paintings involved the careful examination of the way light and shadow fell on the building. I spent days in the company of Claude Monet, studying his brushstrokes, colour theory, mixology etc. It was very illuminating.

I feel as if I took a trip to France. It is totally absorbing spending days like this with a Master like Monet. What an incredible variation in colour Monet found in that stone building. Beautiful as it is as a grey stone building, Monet enshrined it forever in glorious technicolour.

Unfortunately my computer froze and refused to save the Pic Monkey file, so I took a small print screen and three larger ones (below). I hope you enjoy the study as much as I did creating it.