Sunday, 6 January 2013


Day 4 - 30 in 30

Everbody can use a little more sweetness. Actually I think I had a little too much over the holidays. 


Larger Originals or Prints of this ACEO by request

I'm a fairly prolific painter and I'm grateful to the many Artists who belong to the same groups who inspire me every day with their wonderful ideas. This was a challenge posted by a wonderful Artist living in France, Evhe.

Over the past year I've mainly painted landscapes and floral works with a smattering of decorative painting. I don't even know if I created one still life in 2012. So this painting is in answer to the challenge laid down by Carol Marine on Daily Paintworks to do something different

Last year I set myself a challenge of tripling my speed and producing over 100 paintings. In order to do this I reduced the size of my work and stopped fussing over details. This year I'm kick starting my year by painting 30 works in 30 days and here is my second.

More details on this painting as always at my gallery on DPW.

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