Saturday, 19 January 2013


Day 19 - 30 in 30

Larger Originals in the same series, or Prints of this ACEO may be available. To view my Gallery please visit Daily Paintworks. 

This painting is SOLD but I would be happy to paint a similar painting in any size. Contact me to inquire about prints and Art Cards.
The photo that inspired this painting was taken by my good friend Bob Jones. Bob recently retired and took a solo bicycle trip around the coast of Great Britain for charity. He has many beautiful photos from his trip and others. He has an "eye" for beautiful scenes and I'm grateful he allows me to paint from his work so we can all travel with him.

Tip: If you are using ordinary Acrylics, plan your colour scheme and place a SMALL amount of each on a sta-wet palette before you start. 
There is little time to fuss with mixing colours so you must plan in advance. Retarder or slow drying Acrylics like GOLDEN OPEN help to extend drying time, but it is still advisable to keep detail to a minimum and work quickly.

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Photo inspiration by Bob Jones