Friday, 8 February 2013


ACEO ORIGINAL 3.5" x 2.5"
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We're getting closer to Valentine's day and it's hard to avoid all the hearts, chocolates and red velvet. So if you can't beat them why not join them? 

"Give Only Love" is a reaction to the commercialism of Valentine's Day. Because of the deluge of advertising we immediately think of giving chocolates, lingerie, a fancy dinner, gold, or diamonds, but how often do we focus on giving love?

I'm not referring to sex, romance or even a loving relationship with a significant other, I'm talking about committing to give only love on Valentines' Day.
Give out free candies, smile at people in the elevator, phone a friend you haven't seen for a long time, bake some cookies and take them to a lonely neighbour or help someone you don't know carry their groceries,  ... in other words spread love around.

Love breeds love. When you give freely from your heart, love flows back in mysterious ways. Where there is love there can be no war, hatred, killing, poverty, or starvation.

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Cat # 13033