Tuesday, 26 February 2013



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It is difficult to see in this small painting, but rocks often cause a disturbance to wave patterns. At slack tide, the water moving this way and that entices you out on the rocks to stand at the very edge. Along the way you peer into rock pools at Mr. Crab and Ms. Oyster going about their daily business. All is well in your world.

I constantly strive for simplicity, but at the same time to create enough interest to warrant a second look. This is particularly difficult when you mainly exhibit on the internet and the window of opportunity is less than a second and via a small thumbnail photo of the original work. 

When I chat to Art lovers at exhibitions they often remark that such a painting "needs something in the foreground". In my opinion foregrounds take away the mystery and spoil the opportunity to look beyond the surface. When you leave the bottom of the painting simple, it gives the viewer an opportunity to walk into the view and enjoy a richer experience. Admittedly this takes a little extra effort, but it's what makes the difference when the painting is hanging on your wall for many years. Every day you have the opportunity for a different route to the edge of the ocean.

On critique and criticism: "Those who know do not speak; those who speak do not know" Lao Tzu (4th Century BCE) 

Not every composition works in every size and sometimes when I paint a miniature I really wish someone would order it in a larger size. This is one of those paintings that I think would translate beautifully into a very large room sized painting and I would love the opportunity to make it a reality.

Cat # 13047 Rock Pools