Sunday, 24 February 2013


I rarely use a pastel colour palette so this is a special treat for those who love delicate tones.

ACEO ORIGINAL 3.5" x 2.5"
To purchase this painting or view my Gallery please visit Daily Paintworks. Larger originals in this series or prints may be available. For immediate shipping "Buy Now" price available if bidding is not underway.

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Without statistics a business manager is working in the dark and make no mistake, Art is a business. I've always known feedback was important, but friends, relatives and face to face conversations only offer what people think you want to hear. No one is going to come up to you and say they hate what you're doing, or at least not in my circles. The ultimate feedback of course, is someone loving your work enough to purchase it and hang it on their wall. However, I've been searching for a happy medium since I became a professional Artist and I reckon I've found it.
Violet Sea - 12039
Part of the commitment to my Art business is that I've been painting, posting and auctioning a new work each day on a website called Daily Paintworks. I pay a small fee for membership which allows me to exhibit my work and access various tools.
One tool I love, is the "traffic statistics" which shows the number of views for each painting. When visitiors to the website click on a painting it adds to the count and you can view the totals for each work. As the person is looking through hundreds of paintings and only clicking on some, this seems like pretty honest feedback. Each click helps create an analysis. Do the visitors like your work? Are they thinking of buying? Do they want to view your personal gallery? Or are they interested in what you have to say in your blog? It is valid feedback whether they intend to buy or just peruse the market and it is fascinating. Some paintings get 100 or more clicks in short succession, and some barely get a hit. Some have bids as soon as they are posted and others get a hundred "pop up" views but don't sell.  
Naptime - 12040
For example, I do custom pet portraits which I call PALS. Late one night I posted a painting of Chai, a dog which belongs to one of my patrons. I loaded the photo and then fiddled around for 10 minutes adding tags, description etc. As I live in the west and tend to be a night owl, it was very late for most of North America. When finished, I clicked into the stats to make sure everything was working and I nearly fell over because there were already 10 views and 10 buy clicks. I rarely get a click till after 4am when the daily email goes out so I was pleasantly surprised. If you are interested in honest feedback I would certainly recommend a site with statistical feedback. 
Of course on a host site like DPW which is full of Artists trying to sell their work, most clicks are from other Artists admiring or analyzing your work, but Artists do buy from other Artists, so I consider this a good thing. Judging by the red dots, DPW has many Art buyers visiting the site and I think they are doing a great job in a tough market.
Pictured here, "Summer Waves" and two of my most popular paintings at DPW, "Violet Sea" 5" x 7" and "Naptime" 8" x 8". The original of "Summer Waves" and "Violet Sea" are still available. Naptime can be purchased as a print.
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Cat # 13054 "Summer Waves"