Tuesday, 19 February 2013


The proof of a true miniature is that you cannot tell the size. If this work didn't have a seemingly rather large signature I think you would find it hard to guess from this photograph. It could easily be a large palette knife painting.

To purchase this painting or view my Gallery please visit Daily Paintworks. As always, larger originals in the same series or prints may be available. "Buy Now" price available on any auction where bidding hasn't started. 

I know enough about internet marketing, to say you can't just post your work online and hope it will sell, you always have to add enormous effort, at least until you become well known. It's important how you choose to spend that time which you've allotted for marketing. Chatting with friends on Facebook or Twitter is not the most beneficial use of your time.
For my Art business I have one website, Artslant, one sales site, Daily Paintworks, one FB page (Blue Sky Red Earth Virtual Gallery) and one FB Group (GET YOUR ART OUT THERE). That is as much as I can handle because I do actually have to spend time creating as well. I split my time roughly 50/50 between the studio and the computer.

I know many successful Artists who use Fine Art America to fulfill print orders to avoid the hassles and time it takes to print, frame, pack, ship etc. I must admit that my total experience with FAA is posting one of my best paintings and checking stats every now and then. I haven't sold anything in over a year at FAA, not even an Art card. However, I believe with the right marketing effort it would be beneficial. I would really like to hear from anyone who is having success with FAA or another fulfillment site and if so what are you doing to achieve sales, or is it just correct pricing that works?
FAA Promo Video
There are many other sites where you can market prints such as Ebay, Etsy, Red Bubble, Ruby Lane etc. but on those you do all the printing, matting, framing, packing, shipping etc. which will really cut down the amount of time you can dedicate to creating new work. Every task which takes you away from the studio is removing you from the creativity which attracted you to the profession, so unless you're making enough to pay for an assistant, you have to decide "print or not to print".
I would really love to hear your thoughts on this. Also, if you are a purchaser, how do you feel about owing originals or prints? Are you happy to pay less for a limited print or very little for an Art print or are you willing to pay a premium for the original?
Cat # 13042 "Sunny"