Monday, 4 March 2013



2.5" x 3.5"
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The use of colour is a crucial factor in selling your art. Colour theory is a gigantic study, but how can you be sure you're seeing colour accurately? Here is a fun colour accuracy test to use, it only takes a few minutes! Vision changes as we age so it's a good idea to check regularly and adjust accordingly. Last time I did this 7 months ago I scored 22 and this time, 8, so I'm glad my colour perception is improving, which probably has a lot to do with painting every day.

As many Artists seem to be revamping their studios ready for spring, I found this interesting article on lighting and I imagine the same rules apply to decorating a studio.

"As we age, the lens of the eye becomes less flexible, and our lighting requirements change. The ability to focus on near objects decreases, which explains why many people need reading glasses as they get older. The lens of the eye also becomes denser and yellower, decreasing the transmission of light, so that more light is often needed to see. This changes how we perceive colors; they become more muted and muddy. Just try looking through a yellow filter to see what I mean — you'll benefit from lighter colors surrounding you. The eyes become more susceptible to glare as well, making the need for contrast greater.

There are many other issues that affect aging eye lenses too, so older eyes require different lighting solutions. These solutions won't benefit just them; they will also help create more beautiful household surroundings. Considering the right amount of light, location of the light source and color temperature will improve your and your family's sense of well-being."
How to Light a Kitchen for Older Eyes and Better Beauty
Anne-Marie Brunet, CKD, CBD

And as Artists spend increasing amounts of time marketing their work on the internet, I thought it was important to include a video on 5 ways to prevent computer eye strain.

And lastly here are my latest paintings on auction at Daily Paintworks

Top: Cat # 13051 "Lemon" ACEO
Left: Cat # 13056 "Venetian Aqua" OSWOA
Center: Cat # 13060 "Paws" (Pal Portrait Commission)
Right: Cat # 13055 "Southern Sunrise" ACEO
Center: Cat # 13059 "Kiss Me" ACEO 

"Lemon" and "Paws" - Posted on Leslie Saeta's weekend Blog March 2nd