Monday, 18 March 2013


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There is a long history of cats in Art and Sylvester is part of that history. I found him in the Musee Carnavolet in Paris and totally fell in love with his winning smile. If he was for sale I would have purchased him on the spot, but alas he was part of the exhibit. 

The Marais is a district of Paris which once held the Royal Court and when they moved on, it became populated by those of the Jewish faith. The narrow winding streets were left untouched, when most of Paris was demolished under Napoleon and has now become very fashionable. This rare and unique metal street sign came from a section of the Marais that was condemned and disappeared many years ago. These signs hung over the door to advertise the business within and luckily some were saved from the wreckers ball. 

I'm not sure what this business was; what do you think? I doubt there was such a thing as a vet for cats circa 1800, perhaps he was advertising a Rat Catcher, or just for luck. I'd love to have your opinion. 

Cat # 13071 Posted on Leslie Saeta's Blog Sunday 17 March #60