Monday, 8 April 2013

HOPE SPRINGS ETERNAL and introducing "Windpower"

A few months ago, probably partly brought on by winter, the lack of quality light and the cold weather, many of my Artist friends were going through a down period. At the time things were going well for me and although I could sympathize, self doubt, sickness and depression seemed quite detached from my life. Most of those bloggers have thankfully slough off their challenges with the onset of spring. 

We artists are no strangers to depression. They say "genius is next to madness" and depression seems to be part of the package too. I've been facing my own dragons recently and although I still write and paint every day I seem to have mislaid my enthusiasm. I know myself well enough to recognize that this usually happens when I'm overwhelmed by the tasks I have taken on, so I'm not too concerned, just mildly annoyed with myself. 

Today this blog came into my mail box and I thought it would be nice to share it. 

"I realize that people in all walks of life lose hope every day – sometimes for just a few minutes and sometimes for prolonged periods of time. What’s most important is to remember that, regardless of our specific situation, there’s always hope to be found.  While we’re alive there’s always something meaningful left to experience and appreciate.  Here are some thoughts on what we all still have to live for…" From Marc and Angel Hack Life Blog

I hope this is helpful to anyone still experiencing winter blues.

Meanwhile here is my latest painting

I've visited this theme many times and each time I learn a little more. Here I was focused on the misty sunlight filtering through the tops of the trees and I'm pleased with the result although it doesn't show well in this photo.


8" x 6" on Windpower
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This painting is SOLD but I'm happy to take a commission for a similar work. Contact me to inquire about prints and Art cards.

This is painted on environmentally conscious Strathmore "Windpower".  "Wind generated electricity has many lasting and positive effects on our environment. Wind turbines do not disturb wildlife or the serenity of our natural landscape. By using less than 5% of the land where they are sited, wind turbines allow for multiple uses for the same land. Most importantly, the production of electricity from wind turbines does not release greenhouse gases and does not contribute to global warming."

The card is acid free and carefully prepared, painted and finished to exacting archival standard. I choose to paint on prepared Card because it is cost effective to mail. Cautious spending is a necessity for many in this economy, but lighter shipments help the environment by using less carbon based fuel. :o)

Cat # 13087 Hope Springs Eternal