Tuesday, 16 April 2013


I read my fair share of art blogs and it's amazing how many mention calorie laden snacks like chocolate, donuts and the like. I also see still life artists on Daily Paintworks painting their snacks, cup cakes, macaron, cookies, bread, etc.

I too, have noticed a marked rise in hunger after a few hours of painting, so much so that I lose concentration and I have to get up and make tea. I have often wondered if this was because the paints give off some kind of chemical which triggers hunger. Problem solved, I have the answer from another blogger, Daniel Amen of "The Amen Solution" fame.

"Even though your brain makes up only 2 percent of your body's weight--about 3 pounds--it uses 20-30 percent of the calories you consume. It is the most energy-hungry organ in your body." Read more here.

People who are not artists often have the opinion that painting comes naturally and all an artist has to do is get out a canvas and splash around some paint and voila, a painting magically appears. Perhaps that is so, in a few cases, but most artists spend hours sketching, photographing, doing layouts, planning colour schemes and composition before they even pick up a brush. All this thinking, as we have now learned, burns a lot of calories and not surprisingly you become hungry. If all you have on hand is chocolate and donuts, guess what you'll grab in a hurry when your brain is craving a reload?

For a good part of my life I was in hospitality, and also sales which turned me into a big coffee drinker: Something to do with all those late nights and early starts and the need for a regular boost. When I decided to limit my intake to 2 cups of coffee a day max, I started searching for a substitute. It was then I discovered flavoured green tea. This is a perfect no calorie choice for an energy boost. I am a bit of a workaholic but I do is force myself to take a break occasionally and spend time with nature, especially if its sunny. This works wonders to reduce tension and stress and recharge my batteries. Even 5 minutes makes a big difference to how I feel.

I would be most interested in what you use for a low calorie energy booster. Please leave a comment.

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