Saturday, 11 May 2013

EXUBERANT on Windpower - DUO Series


The smaller image is a photo and the larger is a scan. They give a slightly different look. The line towards the top of the scan is a scanner fault and is not on the original work.

6" x 8" 
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Exuberant is sister painting to Exuberance ACEO. They is part of the DUO Series. Exuberance ACEO sold, but I would be happy to create another painting jf you would like a DUO set.

Exuberant doesn't have irridescent paint but I'm happy to add some if you like the look. When I got to the final stages it just felt I should leave the larger painting plain red

2.5" x 3.5" ACEO
But I'm happy to paint something similar in a different size

Cat # 13116 Exuberant   Cat # 13008 Exuberance.