Wednesday, 8 May 2013



8" x 6" on Windpower
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Another in the TULIP GARDEN SERIES. This is painted on environmentally conscious Strathmore "Windpower".   

"Wind generated electricity has many lasting and positive effects on our environment. Wind turbines do not disturb wildlife or the serenity of our natural landscape. By using less than 5% of the land where they are sited, wind turbines allow for multiple uses for the same land. Most importantly, the production of electricity from wind turbines does not release greenhouse gases and does not contribute to global warming."

The card is carefully prepared, painted and finished to exacting acid-free archival standard. I choose to paint on prepared Card because it is light to ship and transport and also light on the environment. Lighter shipments help the environment by using less carbon based fuel. :o)

The first is a photo of the painting and the second is a scan. They both give a slightly different view of the painting but I would say the photo is the most accurate colour rendition.

Cat # 13113 - Mountain Tulips