Saturday, 1 June 2013



3.5" x 2.5"
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Feedback is so important but also very challenging. As an Artist asking for feedback you must prepare yourself to listen and learn. Know that what you´re hearing is merely an opinion, it is how you receive the feedback that determines how you feel about it. Recognize that the feedback is being given to help you improve and that the person giving it truly has your best interests at heart. If you are prepared to listen and learn you can grow rapidly as an Artist. You will probably find that a small change can do wonders for your sales and previously you were confounded why you were struggling.

Recognize also that the person giving feedback is being very courageous and as a general rule they are only trying to help. Kudos to those brave souls who have pointed out where I could improve. They are an inspiration.

On both sides of the equation feedback is a courageous event.

Daily painters are often under pressure to produce a new painting each day and may be tempted to exhibit a painting which they are not entirely happy with. Many daily painters have a growing stock of paintings waiting for a buyer don´t have a lot of spare time to re-assess. But self-critique and external feedback it crucial to growth as an Artist. Sometimes when Artists look through work which hasn´t sold they can see why, a small adjustment and then the painting is on it´s way to a new owner. But then there is a small group of paintings left which have no glaring problems but still do not sell.

I have a small group of these perfectly fine paintings that confound me. I think they are lovely and they are priced right, but they haven´t sold. This is partly due to the type of buyer attracted to the work of daily painters; they are used to having several hundred new paintings paraded in front of them each day and there is no need to look through back stock. However, if you have a following and these paintings are in your gallery, it´s likely they have been viewed and not purchased. So, perhaps there is something hidden to the Artist which is more obvious to the onlooker. Of course it could just be a marketing problem, or that´s what we like to tell ourselves.

Therefore I´ve decided this month to post one of these paintings each day in the Daily Paintworks `CRITIQUE ME`Challenge. This is the first. Don´t be shy, I´m tough, so please give some feedback and help me grow.

If you would like feedback for your own work, it´s free to post it here on DPW and ask.

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And here is my latest painting.
This is the sister painting to PURPLE EMPEROR  and they make a wonderful pair above a bed or in the entranceway.  I'm afraid this scan makes the colours appear dull when they are very vibrant and the bronze and pearl iridescence doesn't show at all. Below it is a couple of photos, but they still don't show it in it's full glory. 

By Sea Dean 8" x 8"
on Canvas Panel (edge painted)

To view my Gallery or purchase this painting please visit Daily Paintworks. If there is no current bid you may contact me for the "Buy Now" price. Larger originals or prints may be available.

Cat 13094 Deep in the Forest - Cat 13132 Peacock Butterfly