Tuesday, 25 June 2013


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2.5" x 3.5"

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I have always loved flying and especially the view when flying low over the countryside. I've created aerial paintings before and this is another in the series. Although my aerials can be viewed as abstract in nature, they are very much real views. This is a lovely view of a meandering river making it's way between fields and hedgerows. A peaceful scene that would look fantastic as a room size painting.

In North America people tend to think of the edge a field as a simple demarcation and rarely consider the importance of this boundary to wildlife. Fencing is the norm in most of the USA because of the large areas involved and time constraints, but wouldn't it be wonderful to introduce some of the age old traditions of the English countryside to your part of the world? It would even work well in a garden to encourage wildlife and do your part to protect wildlife.

In the UK with the support of Prince Charles, the future king, hedgerows have gained a great deal of interest in the last few years, including competitions for building and maintaining them. See here for more detail.

One of the main things that people remember about visiting the UK is the dainty manicured gardens and countryside, and I'm so glad that Prince Charles has put his name behind maintaining such an important asset. Thousands of miles of hedgerow have been lost to modernization in the last 150 or so years and I'm so glad that the tradition has been revived.

Cat 13153 River, Fields, Hedgerows