Wednesday, 3 July 2013


6" x 8"

On Auction

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The spec for this DPW Challenge was to use Google Street view to find a location and paint it. Google allows this even for resale.

Using "Google Street View" go to the destination of your choice and cruise the streets looking for something to paint. Here are a few tips: Street View is available mostly in larger cities and there is more activity there as well. I have tried to zero in on places where there are shops and restaurants. One way of doing this is to look up the addresses of some restaurants and plug in the address in the search window. I also look for sunlight for more interesting light and shadow.

The idea of a restaurant is not quite my style and so I put my thinking cap on and started to enter places in the world that make my heart sing. Sometimes this was due to fond memories and other times it was because the view truly was spectacular. With Google street view you are limited to places where a car can travel and I had difficulty finding the roads with beautiful views that I remember. So I ended up at Lynn Valley Canyon. I know I´ve painted many trees recently, but love them and I love this location partly because trees have stood here for so long. I never tire of them. I was more interested in the pattern and varied tones of the leaves especially in the ground cover.

Below is the link to the original street view snap and information on the park.

Lynn Valley Canyon

And to all my friends and patrons in the good old USA, have a great 4th and stay safe.