Friday, 18 October 2013


5" x 7" Canvas Panel
On auction at Daily Paintworks

Buy now, gift wrap and relax with a smile when everyone is still rushing around in December. Everyone purchasing from now till 25th December 2013 receives a free print as a thank you.

To view my Gallery or purchase this painting please visit Daily Paintworks. Larger originals or prints may be available by contacting me. You may also view my available ACEO in my Facebook Gallery here.

This was painted for a Daily Paintworks challenge.

"So much to see, so little time... snap shots provide basic elements. It's the painters job to render the scene with feeling. No matter how gorgeous the landscape if you don't know why you're painting it the result will likely be less than a masterpiece.

Avalanche Lake in Glacier NP inspires feelings of both awe and serenity in me which could result in two very different paintings from the same source material. Can you consciously identify what it does for you and then transfer that to paint? Use this image (crop, rearrange, simplify) if it inspires you, or find a landscape of your own.

Write down in a single word what you plan to communicate in paint then make that the title of your painting."

This photo is a little less sharp than the original painting, but I was trying to capture the shine on the gold iridescent paint. You will also see to the right there is an indistinct couple of spots which are an impressionistic man walking a little white dog.

Cat 12040 Space