Sunday, 24 November 2013


Sunlit Walk Series of Four


5" x 7
Canvas Panel
On auction at Daily Paintworks

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This is a series showing the progression from a light and airy impressionist type painting to a bold abstract. Each step of the way with Sunlit Walk I, II, III, and IV the same scene is explored and altered. Looking at the first and last paintings together you can see quite a variation, but the change is fairly subtle between each step.

This series would look wonderful along the entrance hallway to your entertainment area. I can ship all four together if you wish. Currently you can take advantage of the auctions of Sunlit Walk I and Sunlit Walk II and combine them with Sunlit Walk III and Sunlit Walk IV which can be purchased via my Daily Paintworks gallery.

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Cat # 12090 Sunlit Walk I
Cat # 12091 Sunlit Walk II
Cat # 12092 Sunlit Walk III
Cat # 12095 Sunlit Walk IV