Saturday, 18 January 2014

FAMOUS ARTIST BIRTHDAY, PAUL CEZANNE - PURPLE MOUNTAIN - iPad and Painting Give-Away - Day 19 of 30 Paintings in 30 Days

after Mont Saint Victoire by Paul Cezanne c1889

4" x 4" Canvas Panel
MINI MASTER SERIES - Famous Artists Birthdays

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I'm thoroughly enjoying this series of homages to Famous Artists on their birthday. I wouldn't choose to study many of these paintings without my commitment to the sereis and it has been a real revelation. Most of my students with my "Paint a Masterpiece" class choose Monet and it's nice to try something else for a change. I'm learning a lot.

Paul Cezanne had quite an unusual palette which was heavily influenced by the light in the south of France, where he worked. I titled my miniature copy of his work "Purple Mountain", but perhaps it should have been "Peach Mountain" because he had quite an affinity for peachy, fleshy, orangy pigments.

What I discovered in creating this painting is that Cezanne was a master of mixing greens, ochres and peaches to create the dappling effect of sunlight on a landscape. I also found that he had a way of laying down paint with a staccato effect, placing warm and cool versions of the same colour adjacent to each other. This makes the eye dance back and forth and enhances the impression of moving light. He also varied his brush strokes with each area of the painting; the sky is swirly, the mountains and trees are blotchy, the village is cubic, possibly done with a palette knife and the grass in the foreground was painted with a small brush. Quite fascinating.


19 January 1839 Born Aix-en-Provence, France

In 1861 Paul Cezanne studied in Paris in at the Academie Suisse with Camile Pissarro and Armand Guillaumin. He exhibited at the Salon des Refusees in 1863 and also the 1874 and 1877 Impressionist Exhibitions. After the death of his father in 1886, he settled in Aix. 

Cezanne painted in Pontoise and Auvers with his Academie friend, Pissarro who helped him choose landscape and nature as his genre. He was slo friends with Emile Zola, the famous French author.

He was an Impressionist in style, but he experimented with the stronger style of cubism. The above painting is a fine example of this crossover style.

22 October 1906 Died in Aix-en-Provence, France

Cat # 14014 Purple Mountain