Wednesday, 16 July 2014


Miniature Masterpiece Series
"6 x 6" on wrap canvas

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I was inspired to create this series based on the theme for "Art Walk", a local exhibition which takes place every September in Lake Country. Once I started researching for the project I just couldn't stop myself. I have so many ideas that I'm beginning to think I missed my calling as a shoe designer. I'm not just saying this, my father used to make my shoes when I was young and I used to watch fascinated when he used his cobbling tools. I still have some of them. Then as time went by, I met and fell in love with a clicker in the Clarks shoe factory. A Clicker is the skilled worker that cuts all the leather pieces for shoes. I feel quite at home with conversations involving vamps and Cuban heels.

Yes, I've always loved shoes but I have a long history of heartache around them. I'm OK in Europe and Australia, but for some reason shoes in North America shoes don't even come close to fitting me. As a result, I've spent my entire adult life suffering from serious shoe envy. I think this may have turned my head, because I love crazy shoes. I consider them a work of art. The more way out, the better. Stay tuned for more weird and wonderful creations as I explore my personal shoe heaven.

The painting above was inspired by a shoe designed by fashion maven Vivienne Westwood, and titled with a nod to an 1855 Charles Kingsley novel and a town in Devon, UK.

PS "Shoe Heaven" will probably get into full swing in August, so if you have any ideas or requests for crazy show paintings, fire away.

Cat # 14107 Westwood Ho