Sunday, 26 October 2014


4" x 6" 140lb Strathmore Postcard

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I took the plunge and entered "Beautiful Eyes" into the Daily Paintworks monthly contest. There is a cost for most online contests, but sometimes it's worth the publicity even if you don't win. I could win $500 which would be extremely handy right now, or I could be one of the 15 artists selected for special recognition on the site for a whole month which would be great too. Another possibility is that someone sees the painting, which has already sold, and commissions something similar. 

If you have time, please hop on over to this link and leave a comment on the painting. I always think this helps gain more visibility on the site.

I would also be interested in what you think is a good size for this work. The original was a 4" x 6" trial for a larger painting, but I've never been able to decide on a good size to make it. I reckon it would be spectacular in a very modern environment absolutely huge like a billboard. The "eyes of T. J. Eckleburg" from Scott Fitzgerald's THE GREAT GATSBY come to mind. However, that would severely limit the market, because how many people have a 20 foot high space in which to put it? In a regular sized home I would think anything over 20" x 30" would be overpowering. Or should it be about 8" x 12" which would work great in a powder room or boudoir? Your opinion would be greatly appreciated.

TIP:- Enter a few online contests and learn the process. It could pay off big-time

REF 13108 Beautiful Eyes