Friday, 24 October 2014

Was it flu or just a cold? - LEMONS brushstroke painting

Brushstroke painting on Canvas Panel
6" x 8" 

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I've had time to ponder in the last week. 

Why? Well one reason is that I managed to blog quite a distance ahead at the beginning of the month, which gave me some breathing space. This was lovely. I had plans to go out and enjoy the fall colour. Take some long walk under the vibrant trees, catch up on little things that get left behind in the rush and generally have a little holiday from my artist life.

The second reason is that I've been under the weather. That's a funny saying isn't it? With the move, Ms. fixit jobs and my busy art life, I don't get out much, but some time during my rapid forays into the outside world I managed to catch a virus. I've had no desire to paint or do anything much but catch up on the growing list of documentaries and british dramas my PVR keeps diligently recording. I must say it's been fun to actually watch full TV programs without most of my attention being on my computer screen. Downright pleasurable I would say.

So at some point during drifting in and out of consciousness and having bowls of chicken soup, I was pondering if I had a cold or flu. It occurred to me that I didn't know how to tell. Then, as so often happens, the answer came in a flash when I checked the mail. In a flyer from a local drug store this table gave me the answer. I think it was a mere cold.

I have friends that just came back from an Anniversary cruise around the Hawaiian islands and one and then the other came down with a virus. I joked that I must have caught mine from them, although they live 500 miles away. It is flu season though, so perhaps you will find this a useful addition to your fridge door.

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