Wednesday, 12 November 2014


Fine Art Ornament
4" x 4" Canvas panel 

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I've simplified my pricing on small paintings to make it easy to understand and implement. Now all my paintings under a foot square, regardless of substrate and media are priced the same according to size. No more confusion!

My bricks and mortar gallery will have the same prices as my internet presence, even though I net less from each work. My one remaining gallery after all the closures, is doing such a good job representing me and I know that dropping my prices will be a big bonus for her. Hopefully we will both sell more of my art.

What this means to my buyer, is that you can be confident that no matter where you purchase my work, whether it's on the internet, in a gallery or in my studio, you pay the same price. What it means to me is that I no longer have to remember what surface or what media was used and it makes my life a lot simpler. I'm all for simplicity.

I used to price my art per square inch with an added amount when they were very small to compensate for the massive amount of time miniatures take. However, now I price per linear inch. That means that a 6 " x 6" painting is now $60 and a 10" x 10" painting is now $100. Oblong paintings are averaged, so 5" x 7" averages 6" linear, so would be priced at $60. 12" x 10" averages 11" so would cost $110.

For my larger works, over one foot square I must compensate for the much higher cost of professional quality supplies. On the other hand, daily painting has taught me to paint more efficiently and a large painting no longer takes weeks to complete. I've also been studying professional artists in my area, at the same level of proficiency that sell well. Working that all through, I've discovered that I can now sell my large paintings at a more competitive price. Regular works over 12" x 12" or one square foot will be calculated at $0.60 per square inch.

Commissions will remain flexible based on the type of commission and time to complete.

My pricing will be reviewed each year around this time and I expect will rise on a set scale so that my collectors will profit from their investment. This new system is designed to make buying and  marketing my work much simpler, and if you have a question about something I've missed, please don't hesitate to contact me.

Meanwhile, my SILENT AUCTION ends on November 15th 2014 at midnight and things are heating up over at the website, but some paintings are still at their starting price, so if you're looking for a pretty or unusual gift for yourself or a friend, head on over to

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