Saturday, 8 November 2014


Mini Masterpiece Series - 4" x 4"
Canvas Panel

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Golden Orb is on auction today. These ornaments look lovely on a small easel as pictured. (Easel not included $3 extra). A lovely inexpensive gift.


I've always had a soft spot for some of the original buildings in Kelowna. One such place is the Red Barn in the Mission, so when I was invited to participate in an Artisan show there I jumped at the chance.

The Mission is traditionally an "old money" part of town but "new money" is moving in, ripping down the 60's ranch style homes on big lots and building huge 2 and three story mansions. There are large areas of spanky new and fancy condos and lots of smart SUVs and BMWs around.

Pockets of charm do survive like the Sunshine Market, lost in time which has never lost it's charming wooden plank flooring and handmade shelves. My favourite winery restaurant is up this way and there are still a few cherry orchards dotted up the mountain roads.

Anyway I diverge. The Artisan market at the Red Barn attracted an interesting collection of people. There were the over 50s that came early, then a few straggling over 30's, then a couple of hours of very pregnant women and young mothers with busy little kids. Scattered amongst these groups were serious buyers looking for unusual gifts and special additions to their decor.

I thought as usual with this kind of market I'd be skunked, but late in the days sales started to happen. Those serious customers came back and told me I had the best booth in the show and the best Art; nothing like that for stroking your ego. As usual people were interested in my pet portraits and took the information; one has already contacted me and I may get more emails.

Then the paintings started to leave home (note to self, have some tissue paper and nice dollar store bags ready to pack them in). First A FACE ONLY A MOTHER COULD LOVE found a new owner. He's going to grace a chic powder room.

Then ICEFIELDS went home with one of my regular patrons who loves my blue scenes.

Then BERT QUAIL AND CLIVE QUAIL packed their bags for Australia. I can't go, but my lucky paintings get to vicariously have a change of climate.

I also had many bids in the SILENT AUCTION, so if you're lusting after one of those bargains, pop over to the website here and make sure someone hasn't over bid your offer.

Now the work table gets cleared for the under 100 show. This year I have created mostly new work specifically for the show. Some have already sold so today I need to count, catalog, check edges, varnish, complete the certificate of authenticity, layout to check congruent style, box and complete the final list on the website. I think I'll be busy. Then I need to pant new works to replace the ones I sold just in case more than 50% sell during the opening and I get asked to submit more. That would make my year! 

If you are planning to visit the U100 I suggest getting there for the opening because so many works sell, especially the most competitively priced ones. As soon as they sell the paintings leave with the customer and you miss some of the nicest work if you go later. Once the dust settles the spaces are filled with new works, but that takes a few days, so a visit a week or so later may reveal a special piece that has been missed by the crowd.

Gotta run!