Wednesday, 17 December 2014

SUNSET OVER THE SEA - Twilight to Dusk

Original Painting by Sea Dean
10" x 10" Premium Gallery Wrap Canvas

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I was inspired to paint a lovely red and peach sunset with stunning rolling clouds, but when I thought I had finished, something wasn't right. I realized that towards the end of the day clouds draw in over the ocean and obscure the upper layers of lighter cloud. I added purple clouds and it suddenly looked much more natural.

Recently I tweaked the sunset even more by adding a clearing in the cloud to show the stars, a slight moonlight halo effect and some more value definition to improve the composition. Now I love the dramatic impact of the piece and would love to see it as a much larger painting. The stars make it a perfect entry for the Daily Paintworks challenge of painting a starry sky.

The low hilly islands are typical of the pacific north west coast of Canada and the USA, but from my travel experience I know this is like many other places in the world. 

The painting is on top quality, deep gallery wrap canvas, which costs a little more to ship but it's worth it.  Stronger, heavier, stretcher bars means no likelihood of your painting warping even in a very humid climate. This is a lovely painting, even better in reality.

Cat # 14117 - Sunset over the sea