Saturday, 3 January 2015


By Sea Dean

10" x 8" Canson Arches Board
Ready to Frame

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I haven't spoken yet about a theme for the 30 paintings I will paint this month. When I first started these challenges I was concerned with learning composition and how to apply it to different sizes and shapes of canvas. There is always more to learn about composition, but this time I chose working with different forms of texture and media.

I paint in oils and acrylics, but I'm starting to incorporate more mixed media in my work. Because I come from three dimensional design as in clay, wire, plaster, jewellery, and fashion I am always looking for different ways to make two dimensional works lift off the substrate. There are many ways to do that including collage, gels, molding paste etc. and I want to play with them all this month as I work towards several exhibits this year.

For this painting I chose the wonderful velvety surface of Canson Arches which can be a bit tricky with absorbancy, but is very forgiving for taking more and more paint and liquid until you reach the desired look. I love the way it keeps the colours crisp. Here I was working with Golden Liquid Acrylic and Windsor and Newton Professional Acrylic which I'm told has less fade and colour change than other professional paint.

I also focused on a limited palette of Titanium White, Ultramarine, Pthalo Blue and Black. The Ultra here acted as the warm to the Pthalo cool temperature and added just enough variation to interrupt the flow and create interest.

I love how this painting turned out and the combination of surface and texture is one I will use again. I will probably leave this one unvarnished because the different paints have different surface sheen which doesn't show on the image but looks amazing to the eye.



As a special gift to fellow artists participating in the Leslie Saeta 30 paintings in 30 days Challenge. I am allowing artists to post their entries on my blog as well. I'm using the same type of system to make it easy. Add YOUR NAME ONLY (not the painting's name or your business name) and a link to your web presence. 

Posting ends at midnight each day and voting begins. Voting is open on all the previous days blogs from January 1st until January 31st. Three votes for each person. Each day voting opens the when posting closes and continues till 31st January 2015. At close of voting the top three rise to the top and remain on my blog forever.

All I ask in return is to spread the word and give your buddies a chance to win prizes too. If you blog, link to your entry on it. Share to Twitter, FB, Pinterest etc. with an easy hover and click. Click on the thumbnails to visit the artists and tell them how much you love their work.

Prizes given to the most active artists and voters that participate throughout the month. Posts, Votes, Comments, Shares etc.

P.S. Remember to post on the current day and vote on all the previous blogs from January 1st to 31st to have the most chance at prizes.

Personal contact is key. If each of us personally invited another artist to post their work or an art lover friend to join the voting, we would double the size of our party. Stats show that people now prefer an email or snail mail invitation to a general social media invite.

Good Luck everyone and
Thank you for visiting my blog

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