Friday, 27 February 2015



The three most striking things about the work of this artist are

1. His treatment of light.
The rich creamy light in many of his paintings perfectly capture the atmosphere of his native Spain. On close examination I can see he uses NAPLES YELLOW LIGHT modified with CADMIUM ORANGE and balanced with complimentary warm purples. The colours certainly invoke a sense of the warm breezy days of summer.

2. His unusual compositions. This is one of the most difficult talents to master. Remember that he was working in the pre-smart phone era. His compositions were selected with a keen eye and detailed personal observation.

3. The sense of movement.
This is where a sketch book is far more important than any camera, because you add your own personality as you draw. A note on colour, impossible to accurately capture with any imaging tool. A sense of movement created by multiple line corrections... Try it and you'll be surprised.

They are all good lessons to learn for any serious artist. 

As you know, I love to learn from the masters and teach their techniques in my PAINT A MASTERPIECE classes. My students are often afraid of painting figures, but this is one artist where I think they will excel because of his sense of form and limited detail. I can't wait to work with a class on it.

I'm currently available for commissions of any open copyright mater works in any size.

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