Tuesday, 24 February 2015


THE EYES SEE BEAUTIFUL MUSIC by Sea Dean and .... (Detail)

By Sea Dean and ...

24" x 24" Deep Wrap Canvas

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One down more to go. This is a section of a collaboration canvas for the upcoming Inter-generational Exhibition. I never show a complete canvas before opening night, so this is a teaser.

I was supposed to be finishing my submission for the LCAG Members show, due by Friday, and I did work on it to some degree, but I just couldn't take my eyes off the canvas I had been given to finish by my collaboration partner for the next show. About half way through the day I gave in.

The good news, is that I now have a painting finished for the next show not due for 6 weeks. Yay! That must be some kind of record. I've also completed my portion of another canvas which is with my collaborator already. Yay again!

I love my new textural style and this is thick with it. There is texture and collage and some really neat bits, but you'll have to wait until April to see the rest.

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Ref 15033 - The Eyes See Beautiful Music