Saturday, 14 February 2015


I should have it ready this evening.


By Sea Dean

Ready to Hang
6" x 16" Canvas Wrap

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This painting took me FOREVER! 

The reason that I mainly don't attend classes is because I don't want to be overly influenced by the teacher. It's wonderful to learn new techniques, but I find that I lose my identity and it takes me great effort to put it back. That is what happened with this painting. I watched an online video and wanted to test out the ideas, so I grabbed a canvas and started painting. 

I wanted to paint a long horizontal wave that looked relatively realistic and use some of the techniques from the video. I hadn't spent my customary time planning a composition, or deciding on a palette, so I was already courting disaster. Sure enough my wave looked wooden and boring and my light source was all over the place. Not wanting to waste paint or canvas, I set the techniques aside and tried to rescue the painting,

1. I checked the values and lightened many areas, darkened some others and greyed the brights. Better!
2. I looked at the composition (there was none). I added cliff, rocks and sun in the sky. Ah yes, much better!
3. Now I had light in the sky there was someting to cast shadow. I added highlights and glitter on the water, matching the colour of the sunlight. I also had to find the right colour and value for the shadows in the waves.
4. Next I took a photo to show anything that needed adjusting. As usual I had to unbalance the composition slightly, touch up some odd shapes and clones and soften some edges.

With a painting like this I could keep on playing all day and it would become overworked. The life would be painted right out of my work. Luckily I held back, and I do like the result. I particularly like the spots of sunlight, that were enhanced by greying of some of the surrounding colours.

Ref  15029 Seaspray