Thursday, 2 April 2015


(after Paul Cezanne)
By Sea Dean

4" x 4" Canvas Panel

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Paul Cezanne painted this mountain over and over again at different times of the day and year. He never seemed to tire of it. There is something to learn here about painting in series. The more you study an object, the more you see. The deeper you get into understanding the essence of the subject.

We have an amazing mountain that dominates the skyline near where I live, just like Mont Saint Victoire. Unfortunately, from my balcony I can only see the tip over a building and a tree, but I do get to see it's effect on the sky, which is stunning. It's still a bit crisp to sit on my balcony for long periods of time, but I want to paint some of those skies this year. Also if I take my plein air set up to the local park when I go for my walks, I can paint my own purple mountain over and over again each day. Perhaps I will learn something.

Ref 4014 Purple Mountain